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I just wanted to share this recipe with you. One of my all time favorites. It even...

Frozen Christmas Pudding   Print Toold: Food Processor Author: Lucy Walter Recipe type: Dessert Ingredients Outer Ice...

The following two recipes also appear in my first book “Chocolate Recipe Guilt Free”. As they make...

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Our philosophy is one of compassion and kindness to ourselves, each other, our planet and our animal friends.

Hi my name is Lucy, and all my life I have had an incredible love for animals. I was one of those kids that was always bringing home the next stray and my very patient parents just kept building the next pen for them…

Because of my love for animals I have been vegetarian for most of my life, but In later years due to health issues I was introduced to a high raw diet as a solution and the change was dramatic. I developed a passion for this style of eating and that’s what led to the creation of the cafe.

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Kind Living Cafe is no longer an operation cafe